24v system and Vanpi


First off all I hope it’s allowed to make a post in English.

Im very intressed in the vanpi system for my next build.

I will have a 24Vsystem. Can I use the relays on the relayboard on 24v?

Do I need to power the relayboard itself on normal 12v (stepped down) or can I power it 24v?

Other things to be aware of for my 24v system?

Will use a Victron BMV712 shunt and won’t use the dimmy board.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey Dennis,

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you have to supply the relayboard with 12V.

The relays are galvanically isolated and really only serve as switches. So you can also switch 230V or signals with it.

You can add the BMV712 via USB.

You don’t have to use the dimmy, but you can always add it later.

Best Karl